When it comes to luxurious or sports cars, it is imperative that you provide them with the best care. With the BMW X5, you need to provide excellent motor oil for the high-performance engines and to take special care of them.

So here are our picks for the best motor oil for the BMW X5;

BMW Motor Oil

  • Viscocity – 0w-20
  • Liquid volume – 16 fluid ounces
  • Best for overall
  • Draws out the maximum potential of the engine.
  • Greater engine performance and quieter cabin
  • Comparatively expensive 

BMW Turbo engine oils support the properties of BMW engines and contribute to full power delivery with high efficiency as they help to protect the engine against wear and corrosion. This helps to keep the engine clean and to increase its service life.

Not only this but the oil is also specifically designed to ensure smooth and sustainable driving pleasure. The engine noise is reduced and you get even better fuel efficiency with this oil.

The engine oils are developed and perfectly matched to the requirements of BMW Turbo engines and fully exploit their potential.

These Original BMW Engine Oil offer excellent cleansing capabilities, as well as superior protection against corrosion and wear for a prolonged engine lifetime.

For your BMW X5, there cannot be a better motor oil than this, and although it’s a little expensive it is still the best choice in the market right now.


  • Viscosity – 0W30
  • Liquid volume – 5 Literes
  • Best for engine cleanliness
  • Approved motor oil by BMW
  • Keeps engine clean and reduced oil deposits
  • Not suitable for every weather

This is a USVO (Ultra Strong Viscosity Oil), PAO (Polyalphaolefin) based, fully synthetic low friction motor oil that exceeds manufacturers performance expectations for the entire duration of the extended oil change interval.

The CleanSynto Technology provides excellent detergent and dispersant properties while preventing the formation of sludge leading to improved gas or diesel engine cleanliness during extended usage periods.

This oil provides excellent cold start lubrication properties during the engine warm-up phase, very low evaporation tendency, oxidation stability, leading to less oil consumption during the extended oil change interval leading to an extended life for emission system components 

Another thing I noticed while using this motor oil is that the engine noise was greatly reduced and I also saw an increase in the fuel economy, along with a decrease in hot starts. 

The ravenol oil is also approved by a variety of companies which include both luxury and sport car brands, thus it is no surprise that this fuel is approved for use in BMW vehicles.

Castrol Motor Oil

  • Viscocity 10w-30
  • Liquid volume 160 Fluid Ounces
  • Best for emission control
  • Protects against sludge, wear and burn off
  • Reduces phosphorous to protect your emission system
  • This oil is not fully synthetic 

As vehicles age, they change and some of these changes can result in costly repairs or replacement. Catalytic converter failure is one of the most common – and costliest – problems faced by higher mileage vehicles. 

The phosphorus in all motor oil anti-wear packages is also an industry-recognized catalyst poison.

Castrol is specially formulated with less phosphorus than other leading oils, replacing it with advanced technology invented and patented by Castrol that helps prevent catalytic converter and emission system failure and delivers unsurpassed protection against sludge, wear and oil burn-off.

While buying this you need to keep in mind that this oil is not fully synthetic, it is high mileage synthetic, this increases the fuel efficacy but lowers the smooth functioning of the engine and gears. 

Motul Synthetic oil

  • Viscocity – 5w-30
  • Liquid volume –  169.05 fluid ounces
  • Best fuel efficiency
  • Huge increase in fuel efficiency
  • Reduces strain on engine and gears
  • Oil tends to get sluggish after some time 

Motul is a true 100% Synthetic oil, providing increased engine protection while increasing fuel economy. This product has synthetic base stocks coupled with specific friction modifier molecules and Mid-SAPS levels that generate outstanding oil film resistance to reduce friction in the engine.

The oil has approvals from some of the top automotive OEMs including BMW, Mercedes, GM, and VW. Specifically blended for engines requiring ACEA C2 / C3 and API SN standards.

Motul continues pairing high-performance synthetic base oils with innovative additive packages for maximum performance, protection, and efficiency.

The fuel also decreases the strain on your engine during high temperatures, thus increasing the overall lifespan of the vehicle.

The only possible issue you can face is that the oil tends to get sluggish after some use and may even need to be siphoned out.

Mobil 1 Motor Oil

  • Viscocity 0w-40
  • Liquid volume – 160 fluid ounces
  • Best for everyday use
  • Cheap and affordable motor oil
  • Provides cleaner engine runs without residues
  • Not yet officially approved by BMW

Mobil 1 0W-40 is an advanced full synthetic motor oil designed to help provide exceptional cleaning power, wear protection and overall performance. This synthetic oil is engineered for the latest gasoline and diesel engine technology delivering excellent all-round performance.

This fuel comes with modern technology that ensures that the engine is well protected during hot starts, thus ensuring that you don’t have to worry about operating your car in less than average circumstances.

The oil delivers fast protection for reduced engine wear and deposits even in the most extreme driving conditions

The oil is excellent for direct-inject engines as it minimises the oil vapours and is much easier to replace and reuse. Although this doesn’t provide the most dexterity with its performance, it is still an excellent choice for everyday use for your BMW X5.

One of its biggest disadvantages is that the latest Mobi formula that has been used in this product has not yet been approved by BMW, but unofficially it is still a great product for your BMW5.

Liqui Moly Motor Oil

  • Viscocity – 5w-30
  • Liquid volume – 5 literes
  • Best for extreme engine requirements
  • Provides good support for extreme engine usage
  • Better propulsive efficiency
  • The engine noise may increase

Liqui Moly is a state-of-the-art all-season HC synthetic motor oil for gasoline and diesel-powered passenger cars including vehicles equipped with a diesel particulate filter in accordance with the Euro 4 emissions standard and extended maintenance intervals. 

Besides the universal usance of vehicles from the BMW group, this oil is also suitable for Mercedes-Benz, Renault etc. 

The combination of unconventional base oils using HC synthetic technology, together with the latest additives, guarantees a motor oil that provides exceptional protection against wear and reduces oil and fuel consumption while ensuring fast oil penetration of the engine. 

As such, oil change intervals of up to 30,000/50,000 km are possible as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

The oil initiates better fuel economy, Reduction of friction, thus making it especially suitable where there are long intervals between oil changes and extreme engine requirements.

MAG1 Engine Oil

  • Viscocity – 5w-40
  • Liquid volume – 32 fluid ounces
  • Best for increased engine durability
  • Excellent engine protection in all circumstances
  • Increased durability of engine and gears
  • Thicker oil may reduce the overall speed

Mag 1 Oil is specially formulated with advanced synthetic base stocks, premium anti-wear additives and a 5w-40 viscosity rating is a preferred oil for virtually all European automobiles, specially turbo-charged models.

It delivers dependable long-term performance for the extended drain intervals set by all major automakers and is designed for newer vehicle emission control systems.

MAG 1 motor oils and lubricants are designed to keep pace with today’s engine demands, requiring lighter viscosities and increased power densities. It’s the only brand with FMX Technology System, which meets the difficult challenges of effectively balancing performance, strength and durability.

The oil provides a very strong oil film that shields engines, parts and machinery at multiple points of contact and fights friction between rotating parts.

For all those who tend to push your car to the limits, this will be a good choice due to its increased temperature and friction resistance.

AMSOIL Motor Oil

  • Viscocity – 5w-30
  • Liquid volume – 946 miliiteres
  • Best for extended drain intervals
  • Shear resistant oil
  • Provides good engine protection
  • Slightly expensive compared to other oil

AMSOIL Motor Oil is engineered to outperform conventional and synthetic motor oils. It combines industry-premier synthetic technology with AMSOIL premium additives in a unique formulation that exceeds the higher performance demands of modern engines. 

Signature Series delivers the performance and value upon which the AMSOIL reputation is built.

AMSOIL uses naturally shear-resistant base oils combined with top-tier, shear-stable viscosity improvers. AMSOIL synthetic motor oil withstands extreme heat and shearing forces, exceeding industry standards and outperforming competing brands.

This oil also Delivers commercial-grade protection and outperforms conventional oils, while providing protection against engine degradation at the same time.

It also does not thin out due to mechanical shear, ensuring a thick lubricating film for maximum wear protection.

ACDelco Motor Oil

  • Viscosity – 5w-30
  • Liquid volume – 0.95 Liters
  • Best for energy conservation
  • Improved engine cleanliness and prevents sludge build-up
  • Engine wear protection beyond conventional and semi-synthetic engine oils
  • The oil is very expensive

ACDelco motor oil is a fully synthetic engine oil engineered to provide extended service intervals and enhanced protection over a wide temperature range.

It is suitable for many petrol and diesel-powered engines and meets or exceeds the requirements of many modern engine manufacturers, especially those calling for FE-type engine oil that meets ACEA A5/B5 ratings.

The oil also provides enhanced fuel efficiency with better cold-temperature starts, making it a great choice for colder climates.

The thinner oil also ensures that there is little to no sludge formation at the oil or engine slumps, which makes the engine more efficient and also increases the thermal efficiency of the engine.

After using this oil for some time I found out that the engine is quieter and seems to be more responsive on the throttle, which has a huge impact on the control of vehicle speed and acceleration.

Havoline Oil

  • Viscosity – 10w-30
  • Liquid volume –  160 fluid ounces
  • Best for lubrication 
  • Provides greater friction reduction
  • Reduces deposits in engine and oil sumps
  • Not yet approved by BMW

Chevron Halocline prods full synthetic motor oils with deposit shield technology are specially engineered for the highest level of protection demanded by high-performance engines.

They exhibit outstanding thermal and shear stability to control viscosity and continue to provide top performance and protection even during extended oil drain intervals. 

They provide an extra measure of protection for your investment in a Sports utility vehicle, high performance, or luxury cars.

The exceptional volatility and stability of synthetic base stocks promote low oil consumption, fast engine starting (especially in cold weather), and extremely fast lubrication of All moving parts. In addition, a special blend of additives protects the engine against harmful deposits and wear.

The best feature, however, is that this oil gives you the perfect lubrication for your levers and gears thus decreasing engine noise and increasing overall efficiency.

Although it is a little expensive it is definitely worth the price.

Factors to consider before buying motor oil for your BMW X5


The viscosity of a fluid is a measure of its resistance to deformation at a given rate. For liquids, it corresponds to the informal concept of “thickness”.

This basically influences how thick or thin your oil is.

Thin oils have lower viscosity and pour more easily at low temperatures than thicker oils that have a higher viscosity. Thin oils reduce friction in engines and help engines start quickly during cold weather. 

Thick oils are better at maintaining film strength and oil pressure at high temperatures and loads.

For the BMW X5, a viscosity of 0w-20 is considered perfect, amongst our products BMW Motor Oil has the best viscosity.

Approvals by manufacturer

The manufacturer’s approvals are essential to consider while choosing the right motor oil because with their approvals you can be certain that the oil you’re using is designed safely for your car and will provide it with the best proficiency.

Amongst our products, most are approved by BMW, but Liqui Moly Motor Oil has the highest approval ratings.

Pre-ignition properties

Pre-ignition is a situation in which the fuel-air mixture in a spark-ignition engine ignites before the timed spark, because of contact with a hot surface.

With pre-ignition, you will see holes melted in pistons, spark plugs melted away, and engine failure happens pretty much immediately.

Generally thicker oil will tend to drop oil droplets which can be one possible cause of pre-ignition.

Therefore it is better to use thinner oil, especially in cold climates.

Amongst our products, RAVENOL Motor Oil has the best prevention against pre-ignition.

Our pick for the best motor oil for BMW X5

The obvious choice is definitely BMW motor il since it is designed especially for use in BMW vehicles. This gives the car unparalleled engine performance and increases fuel conservation with a much cleaner engine. Although it is a little expensive it is still the best choice for your BMW X5.

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