The Audi Q5 combines the performance of a sports car with the comfort of a luxurious car, and to maintain the Audi Q5, it is only natural to use the best motor oil. But choosing the right one can be quite a hassle, so here are our picks for the best motor oil for the Audi Q5.

10 Best Motor Oil For Audi Q5

Valvoline Motor Oil

  • Viscocity – 5w-30
  • Liquid volume – 5 Quartz
  • Best for overall
  • provides maximum sludge and deposit
  • protection
  • Prevents clogging in DPF
  • Slightly expensive

Valvoline motor oil is specially formulated to provide the ultimate protection for European gas and diesel engines. 

Through its advanced formulation, the oil provides extra detergents and dispersants that provide maximum sludge and deposit protection, along with premium additives that hold up to high temperatures and resist motor oil breakdown under severe driving conditions. 

This oil is also Approved and Licensed for most European applications, including VW, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche vehicles making it one of the best available choices.

If you own an Audi Q5 with a DPF (especially a Euro diesel), then this is one of your only choices for summertime running as this is fully synthetic, won’t clog your DPF, and is heavier than all the other watery oil options out there.

With its advanced technology, this oil also ensures better sludge protection, thus ensuring a cleaner engine.

Motul synthetic oil

  • Viscocity – 5w-30
  • Liquid volume – 169.05 fluid ounces
  • Best fuel efficiency
  • se in fuel efficiency
  • Reduces strain on engine and gears
  • Oil tends to feel sluggish 

This fully synthetic oil is perhaps one of the best choices for your Audi Q5 mainly due to two reasons, the first being the superior and increased fuel efficiency.

And the second is that the oil has approvals from some of the top automotive OEMs, including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, GM, and VW. It is made explicitly for engines requiring ACEA C2 / C3 and API SN standards.

Motul continues pairing high-performance synthetic base oils with innovative additive packages for maximum performance, protection, and efficiency.

The fuel also decreases the strain on your engine during high temperatures, thus increasing the overall lifespan of the vehicle.

You may also feel the oil being sluggish and thicker than it should be.


  • Viscocity – 0w-30
  • Liquid volume – 5 litres
  • Best for engine cleanliness
  • Increases oil change intervals
  • Provides cleaner engine and oil sumps
  • Not suited for every weather

The RAVENOL motor oil is a fully synthetic low friction motor oil that exceeds manufacturers performance expectations for the entire duration of the extended oil change interval. 

CleanSynto Technology provides excellent detergent and dispersant properties while preventing the formation of sludge, leading to improving gas or diesel engine cleanliness during extended oil changes intervals.

The CleanSynto Technology provides excellent detergent and dispersant properties while preventing the formation of sludge, leading to improved gas or diesel engine cleanliness during extended usage periods.

This oil provides excellent cold start lubrication properties during the engine warm-up phase, very low evaporation tendency, oxidation stability, leading to less oil consumption during the extended oil change interval leading to an extended life for emission system components. 

Another great feature of this motor oil is that it is approved by multiple luxurious car companies, thus giving a guarantee of its quality.

Liqui Moly Motor Oil

  • Viscocity – 5w-30
  • Liquid volume – 5 literes
  • Best for extreme engine requirements
  • The oil provides support for extreme engine usage
  • It gives better propulsive efficiency
  • The engine noise is not reduced with this

This motor oil is a fully synthetic, all-weather motor oil for both diesel and petrol cars, including vehicles equipped with a diesel particulate filter by the Euro 4 emissions standard and extended maintenance intervals. 

This oil also has a universal usance in vehicles from the Audi/VW group, making it one of the customer favourites.

The combination of unconventional base oils using HC synthetic technology, together with the latest additives, guarantees a motor oil that provides exceptional protection against wear and reduces oil and fuel consumption while ensuring fast oil penetration of the engine. 

Typically the oil change intervals of this oil are up to 30,000/50,000 km as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

The oil initiates better fuel economy, Reduction of friction, thus making it especially suitable for long intervals between oil changes and extreme engine requirements.

Mobi 1 motor oil

  • Viscocity 0w-40
  • Liquid volume – 160 fluid ounces
  • Best for everyday use
  • One of the cheapest and most affordable motor oil
  • Provides cleaner engine runs without residues from impurities
  • Not yet officially approved by Audi

This unique oil either Meets or exceeds the latest OEM and industry approvals and is chosen for factory fills in many of the world’s finest vehicles simply because of its reputation and quality.

Mobil 1 is a fully synthetic motor oil designed to help give exceptional cleaning power, wear protection and overall performance. This synthetic oil is engineered for the latest gasoline and diesel engine technology, delivering excellent all-around performance.

This fuel comes with modern technology that ensures that the engine is well protected during hot starts, thus ensuring that you don’t have to worry about operating your car in less than average circumstances.

The oil delivers fast protection for reduced engine wear and deposits even in the most extreme driving conditions.

Although this oil is excepted and approved by most car brands globally, it is pending Audi’s approval.

Castrol Motor Oil

  • Viscosity – 0w-40
  • Liquid volume – 160 fluid ounces
  • Best for engine protection
  • Reacts perfectly to slight pressure or temperature changes
  • Superior engine and gear protection
  • Lower quality of the oil

Engine oils need to be able to constantly respond to the ever-changing environments in your engine. 

Every second of the drive your engine oil needs to be able to react to the needs of different metal-to-metal contact points in your engine, each with different demands, pressures and temperatures. 

Castrol provides the highest level of protection for critical engine parts helping your car to perform at its maximum. Castrol is an advanced full synthetic motor oil with a unique and proprietary formula that reduces volatility and provides superior protection for critical engine parts helping your vehicle operate efficiently at power.

While using this oil, my car ran smoothly and strong like the first day, and the engine has never been opened or repaired other than regular maintenance and cover and pan gaskets. 

The only downside, however, is that lately, the quality of the oil seems to be reduced, which reduces the overall performance of the engine.

Pennzoil  Motor Oil 

  • Viscocity – 0w-30
  • Liquid volume – 192 fluid ounces
  • Best for versatile temperature performance
  • The oil is known to extend engine life
  • Perfect for any weather
  • It does not give the best engine performance

This oil is made exclusively from natural gas—not crude oil—and fused with unique Pennzoil technology, Pennzoil motor oil protects engines that need to perform under extreme temperatures.

The oil helps prevent engines from losing power and provides optimal horsepower protection, and is designed to meet the needs of high-performance vehicle owners.

Pennzoil process synthesizes natural gas into a 99. 5% pure base oil that results in better oxidative stability, cold temperature performance, and volatility control. 

Since this oil is made from natural gas, it tends to be much cleaner than its competitors, thus giving a wider range of usage.

This Pennzoil full synthetic oil is a great choice to protect your engine from cold starts and thermal wear and is also relatively much cheaper than the other natural gas-based products.

Motul 1L Engine Oil

  • Viscocity – 0w-30
  • Liquid volume – 1 litre
  • Best for oil consumption
  • Greatly reduces internal friction
  • Increases the life span of the engine
  • More expensive than most synthetic products

This lubricant is specially designed for cars powered by Gasoline or Diesel engines requiring ACEA C2 standard. It provides Fuel economy due to the oil composition lowering friction.

This engine oil can be used with both diesel engines fitted with or without particulate filters, and this product brings high lubricating properties such as wear protection and high-temperature resistance for better-controlled oil consumption. 

The 0W-30 viscosity grade minimizes oil friction, allowing fuel economy, especially when oil is cold. It improves oil flow at start-up, faster oil pressure build-up, and faster operating temperature reach.

The fuel also decreases the strain on your engine during high temperatures, thus increasing the overall lifespan of the vehicle.

The only possible issue you can face is that the oil tends to get sluggish after repeated use and may even need to be siphoned out.

Other than the fact that this oil can be sluggish, there is also the matter that the oil hasn’t been approved by Audi yet, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s guide before buying this product.

Liqui Moly Special Tec Motor oil 

  • Greatly reduces internal friction
    Increases the life span of the engine
  • More expensive than most synthetic products
  • Viscocity – 0w-20
  • Liquid volume – 5 litres
  • Best for reduced friction

Liqui Moly is a low-friction motor oil that is based on and made from modern synthetic production technology.

The combination of non-conventional base oils and modern additive technology reduces the friction inside the engine to a minimum. 

It ensures maximum engine performance as well as lower fuel consumption.

It also provides excellent protection against pre-ignition by lowering the temperature of the fuel seeped into the piston.

These features result in better fuel conservation and an engine with better performance.

This oil not only has improved the responsiveness and fluidity of my engine, but I haven’t had to add any oil like I used to. It has barely burned anything off at all after 3k miles.

If you want to treat your engine the way it deserves and keep it running smoother and longer than your own body, this is worth the couple extra bucks and will not disappoint. 

If you are ready to spend a few good bucks, this is the perfect oil.

ACDelco Motor Oil

  • Viscosity – 5w-30
  • Liquid volume – 0.95 Liters
  • Best for energy conservation
  • Improved engine cleanliness and prevents sludge build-up
  • Engine wear protection beyond conventional and semi-synthetic engine oils
  • The oil is costly

Adecco Dexos1 Engine Oil is specifically designed to help improve engine cleanliness, performance, and efficiency with its high-quality base stocks. 

The motor oil helps support the functionality of your engine within several faces and is known for its excellent quality.

It is suitable for many petrol and diesel-powered engines. 

It meets or exceeds the requirements of many modern engine manufacturers, especially those calling for FE-type engine oil that meets ACEA A5/B5 ratings.

The oil also provides enhanced fuel efficiency with better cold-temperature starts, making it an excellent choice for colder climates.

The thinner oil also ensures that there is little to no sludge formation at the oil or engine slumps, which makes the engine more efficient and also increases the thermal efficiency of the engine.

The most prominent feature of this oil is that it dramatically increases the engine’s efficiency by conserving energy and reducing fuel intake, which causes an increase in both thermal and mechanical efficiency.

Factors to consider before buying motor oil for your Audi Q5

Quality of oil

While buying motor oil, you need to be sure of the quality of the product and especially so if you’re using the oil in a luxurious car.

You need top-notch oil that does not degrade or harm the engine because although luxurious cars have a more robust engine, they are not very durable; using low-grade oil can severely damage your vehicle.

Amongst our products, Liqui Moly Special Tec Motor oil has the highest quality oil.


Engine oil viscosity refers to how easily oil pours at a specified temperature. Thin oils have lower viscosity and pour more easily at low temperatures than thicker oils with higher viscosity.

Thick oils are better at maintaining film strength and oil pressure at high temperatures and loads.

For your Audi Q5, I would suggest you go with a viscosity of around 5w-30; it provides the ideal engine performance and significantly increases engine life.

Amongst our products, Valvoline Motor Oil has the best viscosity.

Cleanliness of oil

With the advancements in technology and provision of higher grade engines, there is always a risk of contaminating your fuel with low-grade oil.

This results in deposits being formed in and around the engine sump, which reduces the engine’s overall performance.

Prevention of this is vital, and amongst our products, RAVENOL Motor Oil is the cleanest oil.

Our pick for the best motor oil for Audi Q5

Valvoline Motor Oil takes the lead in overall performance as it provides the best engine performance and is specially approved by Audi, thus ensuring its credibility and quality.

Although it is a little expensive, it is the best choice for your Audi Q5.

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