Wix is a leading manufacturer of oil filters and has a large range of oil filters depending on different vehicles. The company manufactures Wix XP which gives tough competition to Napa Platinum produced by Napa Filters.

Let’s have a look at the comparison between them.

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Wix XP Vs. Napa Platinum

Wix XP filters belong to a good quality range of oil filters manufactured by the Wix company.

In contrast, the Napa Platinum oil filter comes under an exclusive range of oil filters manufactured by Napa Filters. 

ParametersWix XPNapa Platinum
Filter MediaFully Synthetic MediaFully Synthetic
Number Of Inlet Holes7 Holes8 Holes
Middle CoreLouversHoles
Relief ValveLeaf Steel SpringCoil Steel Spring

Filter Medium

is of greater importance inside the oil filter. As the motor oil flows, the filter media helps to filter out and clear the pollutants. Filter media provides the base for trapping contaminants present in the oil.

Both the Wix XP filter and Napa Platinum filter contain fully synthetic media that is much more effective than cellulose media. A synthetic medium provides a greater surface area that helps trap more contaminants.

Inlet Holes

Inlet holes are present at the end of the oil filter. The work of these inlet holes is to control and maintain the flow of engine oil into the oil pan and center. The more the number of inlet holes, the better control and flow they will provide.

Wix XP Oil Filters have 7 inlet holes at the end of the oil filter, whereas the Napa Platinum oil filter has 8 inlet holes at the end, which ensures better engine oil flow.

End Cap

For the oil filter to be efficient, the end cap must be strong and effective. Metal or steel mesh caps are much stronger than cardboard end caps.

Both Wix Xp Oil Filter and Napa Platinum oil filters use metal or steel mesh end caps that make the filter strong and efficient.

Anti-Drain Back Valve

The anti-drain-back valve is used for oil flow. Both Wix Xp Oil Filter and Napa Platinum oil filters use silicon-type anti-drain back valves. The only visible difference between the two is the ridges on the Napa Platinum anti-drain back valve.

The ridges present on the Napa Platinum Anti drain-back valve help support the upper bypass valve. Because of this, Napa Platinum is on the positive side. 

Miles Coverage

The customer demands that the oil filter should last long. How much an oil filter lasts depends on various factors such as driving conditions, weather, quality of oil, etc. Mile Coverage is the best way to calculate how much an oil filter lasts.

Wix XP Oil Filters are recommended to be changed between 3,750-10,000 miles. On the other hand, changing the Napa Platinum oil filter between 4,000-7,500 miles is recommended under normal driving conditions.

Relief Valve

The role of a relief valve is to open when the oil filter is clogged or when the oil is too thick to save the engine from oil starvation. Oil filters with coil steel springs are more flexible as they go down to make sure the unfiltered oil passes easily.

Napa Platinum oil filter uses a coil steel spring placed below the middle inner core whereas, on the other hand, Wix XP oil Filter uses a leaf steel spring which is less effective.


Wix XP oil filters are more towards a higher price range than Napa Platinum Oil Filter.


To conclude, according to various comparisons made above, Napa Platinum takes over Wix XP Oil Filters. This is because Napa Platinum provides an extra inlet hole and a coil steel spring relief valve and is available at a lower price than Wix XP Oil Filters.

In simple words, in Napa Platinum Oil Filter, you get everything that is there in Wix XP Oil Filter and, above that, some extra benefits at a slightly lower cost!

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