Wix and Toyota have been competing to capture the oil filters market for a while now. 

In this article, we will be making a comparison between Wix and Toyota Oil Filters and will figure out which overrides the other. Let’s get started!

Wix Vs. Toyota Oil Filter

The two leading brands have a wide range of oil filters available. Denso or Nippondenso manufactures Toyota oil filters. Whereas Mann+Hummel manufactures the Wix Oil Filters. Let’s look at the comparison between the oil filters of these companies.

ParametersToyota Oil FiltersWix Oil Filters
Filter MediaCellulose and fiber mediaGlass enhanced media
Anti Drain Back ValveSilicon Silicon
Relief ValveLeaf Steel SpringCoil Steel Spring
End CapMetal End Cap or in some filters no end capMetal or steel mesh end cap
Filter LifeUp to 6300(approx) milesUp to 10,000 Miles

Filter Life

Frequent oil filter changes will not only waste a lot of time but will also cost you a huge amount.

The oil filter should be efficient and should last longer. Wix oil filters last up to 3000-5000 miles under normal driving conditions with conventional oil and up to 3750-10,000 miles when used with synthetic, conventional, or non-conventional oil under severe driving conditions.

On the other hand, Toyota Oil Filters last up to 10,000 km or 6300 miles under normal driving and up to 5,000 km or 3200 miles under extreme driving conditions.

Filter Medium

Filter media is responsible for effectively removing contaminants from the oil filter. Wix oil filters have glass-enhanced filter media present in them, which have more surface area and ensure better removal of contaminants.

On the other hand, Toyota Oil Filters have cellulose and fiber media which is comparatively less effective than glass enhanced media.

Sticky Or Gluey Filter

It is noticed that some Toyota Oil Filters are a bit sticky and have dry glue on their base, whereas there is no such problem noticed in Wix Oil Filters.

Relief Valve and Anti Drain Back Valve

While the anti-drain back valve used in both Wix and Toyota Oil Filters is the same silicon type, the relief valves present in them are different.

Wix Oil Filters use coil steel spring relief valves that have powerful efficiency and are flexible enough to contract downwards. At the same time, the Toyota Oil Filters use a leaf steel spring relief valve.


Most of the time, efficient filters cost extra than standard efficiency oil filters. Toyota oil filters cost between $7 and $25.

On the other hand, Wix Oil Filters might cost you between $10 and $50.


From the above, it is clear that if cost or pricing is not your concern, you may choose Wix Oil Filters over Toyota Oil Filters. A major drawback of Toyota Oil Filters is the sticky or glued filter, because of which some pleads also get stuck together and results in lower efficiency of the oil filter as a whole. 

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