Wix is a well-established brand in the oil filter market, and many other brands are trying to compete with it. One such brand is Napa Auto Parts. The three exclusive oil filters of Napa Auto Parts are Napa Platinum, Napa Gold, and Napa Silver. Here in this article, we will be comparing Wix and Napa Gold Oil Filter.

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Wix Vs. Napa Gold Oil Filter

Wix is known to serve its customers with good quality oil filters that help safeguard their vehicle’s engine and engine oil.

On the other hand, Napa Gold has also become customers’ favorite filter due to its high performance. We’ve already done an in-depth comparison between Wix XP and Napa Platinum so make sure you check that out.

Let’s have a look at the differences between them. 

Parameters Wix Oil FiltersNapa Gold Oil Filter
Anti-Drain-Back-Valve(ADBV)Silicon typeSilicon Type
Filter MediumGlass Enhanced MediaCellulose Type Media
Inlet Holes6-7 Holes8 Holes
Relief ValveBoth Coil, as well as leaf steel springCoil steel spring

Filter Media

The filter media, ensures better trapping of contaminants present in the oil and provides increased holding capacity of the contaminants in the oil filter. Wix oil filters are equipped with glass-enhanced filter media with a greater surface area than other filter mediums.

On the other hand, the Napa Gold oil filter contains cellulose-type media. Wix oil filters take over Napa Gold in case of filter media as glass enhanced media have better compatibility with different types of liquids.

Relief Valve

The key role of the relief valve inside an oil filter is to protect the engine from starving when the filter is choked or blocked. Some Wix oil filters contain coil steel springs, whereas others contain Leaf steel springs.

The Napa Gold oil filter contains a coil steel spring which is very flexible and can go down to give an easy way for unfiltered oil to flow.

How Much Does Oil Filter Last?

The quality of the oil filter depends on the long-lasting ability of the filter. How much an oil filter will last depends on various factors such as type of oil, oil consumption, driving conditions, etc. When used with conventional oil, Wix oil filters last up to 3000-5000 miles under normal driving conditions.

In the case of severe driving conditions, the Wix oil filters last up to 3,750-10,000 miles no matter with which type of oil they are used. 

On the other hand, the Napa Gold filter lasts up to 5,000-7,500 miles.

End Cap

The end cap present inside the oil filter is of two types: steel or metal mesh end cap, and the other one is cardboard metal cap. 

Both Wix oil filters and Napa Gold oil filters come with a metal or steel mesh end cap. Here the advantage of the Napa Gold filter is that there are 8 inlet holes in the Napa Gold metal end cap, whereas there are 6-7 inlet holes usually present in the Wix oil filters.

Anti Drain Back Valve

The Anti Drain Back Valve present inside the filter helps prevent the oil from getting out of the oil filter once the engine is turned off. A silicon-type anti-drain back valve is much better and more efficient than a nitrile-type anti-drain back valve.

Both Wix and Napa Gold Oil Filter use Silicon-type anti-drain back valve. Still, if you notice, the anti-drain-back valve present in the Napa Gold Oil Filter has ridges on it that provide extra support to the upper bypass valve and has a greater holding capacity.


Wix Oil Filter offers a variety of oil filters starting from $9-$50(Approximately). The lacuna here is that the oil filters having higher efficiency are a bit overpriced compared to other oil filters. 

Whereas Napa Gold Oil filter is easily available from $12-$15.


Wix offers a wide range of oil filters. Some are designed for low-efficiency vehicles, while others have higher efficiency. According to the above comparison, Napa Gold takes over Wix in many ways, such as pricing, anti-drain back valve, and the long-lasting power of the filter. 

So Napa Gold would be a good fit for oil filters in this price range.

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