Wix has been continuously working since 1954 to keep up with the market and produce efficient oil filters. The other brands in the market are also trying their best to give Wix a tough contest. Amsoil is one such brand that started its journey in 1972 and has been continuously striving with it. 

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Let us look at the comparison between both to know which overtakes the other!

Wix Vs. Amsoil Oil Filter

Both Wix and Amsoil are two leading brands in the oil filter market and have launched various good-quality filters. Let’s compare them both and learn which is a better pick!

ParametersWix Oil FiltersAmsoil Oil Filters
Filter MediumGlass Enhanced MediaFully Synthetic Media
Anti Drain Back ValveSilicon TypeSilicon Type
Relief ValveCoil Steel SpringLeaf Steel Spring
End CapSteel Or metal mesh end CapSteel or metal mesh end cap
Micron Rating10-15 Microns20 microns

End Cap

The role of the end cap present at the end of the oil filter is not only to provide support to the whole oil filter interior system, but it also helps to resist the heat and save the oil filter from breaking down easily due to high heat.

Wix and Amsoil Oil Filters are equipped with steel or metal mesh end caps.

Filter Medium

Filter medium or media is the most important component of an oil filter. This is where the oil gets filtered out in an oil filter. The better the filter media, the better would be the filtration.

Wix oil filters use glass-enhanced media, whereas the Amsoil oil filters use fully synthetic media with slightly lower specific gravity than glass-enhanced media. Synthetic media has good dirt removal efficiency.

Relief Valve

Relief valve acts as an emergency gate when the filter is choked. Wix Oil Filter employs Coil steel springs, which are more flexible and may move down and inhibit, allowing unfiltered oil to travel freely when the filter is clogged.

On the other hand, Amsoil Oil Filters use a leaf steel spring that is not at all flexible and is less efficient than coil steel spring relief valves.

Filter Life

The filter’s life depends on the driving conditions, the type of oil used, oil change interval, surrounding weather, etc. 

While Wix oil filters may last up to 3000-5000 miles under normal driving conditions and up to 3750-10,000 miles under extreme driving conditions, some of the Amsoil oil filters last up to 25,000 miles, while others last up to 15,000 miles.

Compatibility With the Vehicle

Not all the filters fit inside every vehicle’s engine, so it is always better to look for vehicle compatibility. Wix Oil Filters are designed for passenger cars, trucks, and buses.

On the other hand, Amsoil Oil Filters are designed for Cars, trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles.


Wix oil filters have a wide range of low-cost products available compared to Amsoil Oil Filters. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly oil filter, Wix may be your suitable fit!


Based on the comparisons above, both Wix and Amsoil oil filters are almost the same. But Wix has better efficiency and filtration power compared to Amsoil oil filters and is budget-friendly as well. So, according to us, Wix is slightly better than Amsoil if you want a budget-friendly oil filter.

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