Porsche is well-known for producing high-performance sports cars, luxurious SUVs, and sedans. Porsche is an expensive brand, which means that Porsche car maintenance is also relatively expensive. This brand is well-known for its costly oil changes. 

However, the premium brand tag is not the only element contributing to the high cost of oil changes in Porsche vehicles. Let’s look at other factors contributing to the high price of oil changes in Porsche vehicles. 

How Much Does Porsche Oil Change Cost? 

Unlike mini cooper oil changes, Porche oil changes can be expensive. If you go to a Porsche dealership, it will cost you between $300 and $400. This pricing is based on the average cost of an oil change at a Porsche dealership. 

An oil change’s cost varies depending on your automobile’s model; for example, an oil change for a Porsche 911 is between $517 and $534, while a Porsche Cayenne oil change is between $258 and $280. 

The state of your vehicle also determines the cost of an oil change, the number of parts that need to be replaced, and other factors. So, find out the price of your oil change from the dealership. 

Why Is Porsche Oil Change So Expensive? 

Porsche charges an additional fee for its premium services. Big manufacturers believe that if you possess a premium brand car, you should be able to afford their maintenance fees. 

Oil changes at Porsche dealerships may cost $100-$150 more than at your local dealership. Labor costs at Porsche dealerships may range from $170 to $220 per hour, which is $50 to $70 higher than labor costs at independent mechanics. 

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why Porsche oil changes are so pricey – 

Use of synthetic oil 

Porsche brand automobiles are high-performance vehicles; hence they utilize high-quality synthetic oil. Synthetic oils are often two to three times more expensive than regular oils. They also use high-quality synthetic oil, which raises the cost of oil changes. 

Premium and reliable services 

Porsche oil changes are generally thought to be more difficult than oil changes in other types of vehicles. This is because every component of your Porsche is designed to operate in tandem to achieve peak performance. In comparison to your local mechanic, Porsche specialist team members will do the best oil change with no danger of damage. 

Before the oil change, Porsche does a 27-point inspection to search for any damage in your engine. So, this adds extra to your oil change, making it pricey. 

High Taxes 

We all know that the more expensive products you buy, the higher the tax. The other reason Porsche charges so much for an oil change is the amount of taxes and fees levied by the government on luxury brands. 

The tax on your Porsche car oil change is usually determined by the state and country in which you live, although it is common to see a 10-15% tax on the oil change (including the cost of labor and part change). For texas, here’s a reference link to help you out. You can find it for any other state on Google.  

How to Save Money on Porsche Oil Changes? 

If you can’t afford Porsche’s premium oil changes, here are some alternatives. 

  • You can go to a nearby certified dealership to replace the oil in your Porsche. Check to see if the dealership has previously changed the oil in several Porsche vehicles and is not cutting corners by sacrificing quality. 
  • You can replace the oil yourself. This reduces labor costs significantly because you will only need to spend money on goods. Changing Porsche oil is not as complicated as it may appear; read on to learn how to change Porsche oil at home. 

How to do a Porsche oil change at home? 

So, you might need certain supplies to change the engine oil at home. Synthetic oil (6-10 quarts) may cost between $36 and $60 per quart, but a new oil filter, seal rings, and other accessories may cost between $25 and $45. 

Tools required

  • Mechanical tool kit
  • Oil filter and O-rings 
  • Torque Wrench, Funnel 
  • Vehicles ramp


  1. Raise the vehicle using vehicle ramps for improved clearance.
  2. Remove the underbody panels. 
  3. Unplug the drain plug and let the old oil drain. 
  4. In the meantime, replace the oil filter. After the oil has been drained, reinstall the drain plug using a new O-seal ring. 
  5. Add fresh oil to the engine. Lower the vehicle and reinstall the underbody panels. 

If you’re new to this, we would still suggest going to the experts. If you make a mistake here, there can be consequences like white smoke, bad mileage, and others on the list. Just make sure you know what you’re doing.

FAQ’s on Expensive Porche Oil Changes

Yes, you can simply change the engine oil on a Porsche car by yourself under a budget of $100. Before changing the oil, ensure that you use high-quality synthetic oil and that all necessary parts to be replaced are with the correct measurement.

Porsche is a high-performance vehicle manufacturer. You should only use high-grade synthetic oil in your Porsche to ensure maximum lubrication and safety. Using a conventional oil can lead to wear-tear and degraded performance in your Porsche car,


To summarize, if you own a Porsche, it is suggested that you replace the oil exclusively at a Porsche store. These luxury vehicles are built differently and require special care and attention.  

However, if you want to save money by conducting the oil change yourself or hiring a local technician, seek advice from a mechanic or thorough conduct research before changing the oil. 

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