Oil filters form an essential element of our vehicle’s engine, but still, some drivers don’t pay much attention to them. While there are different oil filter brands available in the market, some of these brands outsource their oil filters. Jiffy Lube was founded in 1979 and has been surviving in the market as an excellent automotive service or maintenance provider brand since then. 

You are right if you want to know what oil filter Jiffy Lube Use. Let’s get started!

What Oil Filter Does Jiffy Lube Use?

Jiffy Lube uses most of the Pennzoil Oil Filters. Fram or Honeywell produces quality Pennzoil oil filters, so it can be said that Jiffy Lube uses Fram Or Honeywell-made Pennzoil Oil Filters. 


Does Jiffy Lube Manufacture Its Oil Filter?

No, Jiffy Lube does not manufacture its oil filters. Jiffy lube is a service or maintenance provider company that does not manufacture any oil filter on its own. Jiffy Lube uses Pennzoil oil filters which Fram or Honeywell produces.

Can You Choose Your Oil Filter At Jiffy Lube?

As mentioned above, Jiffy Lube is a car service or maintenance provider. They don’t have many options for different oil filters except the Pennzoil oil filters they use. So yes, you can choose an oil filter according to your choice and make a purchase from outside and get it installed at Jiffy Lube.

Ensure you are not relying on Jiffy Lube to purchase the oil filter.

Does Jiffy Lube Manufacture Its Oil?

No, like the oil filters, the oil at Jiffy Lube is also outsourced. Jiffy Lube uses Shell Rotella oil for topping up the oil in a customer’s vehicle.   

Does Jiffy Lube Service Include Oil Filter Change?

Jiffy Lube offers various services such as oil change, fluids, exterior and glass, battery, brakes, etc. Jiffy Lube’s Signature Service Oil Change includes an oil change of up to five quarts of quality motor oil and also consists of an oil filter change but at an additional cost.

This service also includes checking and filling Tire pressures, Transmission/transaxle fluid, Differential/transfer case fluid, Power steering fluid, etc. Here’s a perfect video that precisely mentions what you need to do to get your oil changed at Jiffy Lube.

How Much Does An Oil Filter Change Cost At Jiffy Lube?

There is no specific oil filter change service provided at Jiffy Lube. Their signature service oil change includes both changing oil and an oil filter. If you can change the oil filter without touching the oil is a different question that the store will be able to answer for you.

The cost depends on various factors, such as what oil you choose, how much oil your car requires, and which oil filter you use. 

But according to the customer reviews, the cost of oil filter change at Jiffy is relatively higher as compared to those traditional mechanics as they cost much high labor charges for providing a bit speedy service and making some additional checks during oil change service.

Is It Worth Spending Extra At Jiffy Lube? 

As mentioned above, Jiffy Lube now charges more than other mechanics for oil and oil filter changes. If you are a driver who wants your vehicle to be inspected, while an oil change for other fluids also, you might find it worth spending those extra bucks.

But, according to the customer reviews, many customers found it costly to spend money at Jiffy Lube and did not like it.


Jiffy Lube is a car maintenance and service provider and does not manufacture its oil filters. Jiffy Lube uses Pennzoil Oil Filters that Fram/Honeywell produces.

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