Keeping a regular check on oil levels and their quality is necessary if you own a car. Oil is an important component of a car as it ensures the smooth running of the vehicle. Monitoring the oil level and quality manually, again and again, is a difficult task. The car manufacturers have designed and included oil life monitors in cars.

In this article, we will mention what an oil life monitor is and how it’s helpful to car owners, and we will also see if it is okay to trust an oil life monitor. Let’s get started.

Oil Life Monitor

You might have seen a monitor on the left or right of the speedometer just behind the steering wheel in your car. Yes, that’s an oil life monitor. You might have often seen some oil sensors or light turning on in that oil monitor but would have ignored it. Of course, people use a dipstick to check the oil level but figuring out your oil life needs some expertise.

We will tell you what an oil life monitor is and how it is helpful to the car owner.

What Is An Oil Life Monitor?

As the name suggests, an oil life monitor is an in-built device that helps monitor your car’s engine oil life and informs you when you need to change or replace the oil. Now many people get confused with an oil life monitor, and they think that the oil level in their car is low and they need to top off the oil. 

But that’s not the truth! It only helps give you an idea about your car’s engine oil life percentage. That means it is an indicator of your car’s engine oil quality and indicates to you when the oil needs to be changed or replaced. 

Traditional Or Old Oil Life Monitors

The old oil life monitors were not very advanced as they were only used to depict the percentage based on the miles you have driven in respect to the average of your car and would use to indicate oil change once the car crossed a certain miles range. 

But not anymore, due to technological advancement, things have changed a lot. The new age Oil Life Monitors are way smarter than the old ones and consider many factors before depicting the oil life percentage. 

Factors Considered By Oil Life Monitoring System

The oil Life monitoring system considers factors like distance covered, weather conditions, driving conditions, oil level, engine temperature, on/off times, and more. After calculating these using proper algorithms, the oil life percentage is depicted in the meter.

Now, let’s see whether these oil life monitors are helpful for car owners.

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Is Oil Life Monitor Helpful?

Oil life monitors indeed play a great role in giving an idea about the oil health of your car’s engine oil. You don’t have to hustle anymore and get your car’s engine oil tested by mechanics traditionally to see whether it needs a change or not. 

After considering the factors mentioned above, the oil life monitor indicates the percentage so that you can get an idea about the health of the oil and schedule an oil change according to that. 

If the monitor is more often showing a low oil life percentage, this means there is something that’s not right so that you can check if there is a leak or dirt inside the parts or if the oil filter is choked. With the help of an oil life monitor, you can also know whether your car is burning excessive oil or not. So yes, indeed, it is helpful to the car owner. 

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FAQ’s on Oil Life Monitors

Does Oil Life Monitor also depict the level of oil?

No, the job of an oil life monitor is only to showcase the percentage of oil life, or you can say the health of oil life, so don’t rely on an oil life monitor to know the level of engine oil in your car.

Should I trust the oil life monitor?

You should trust the oil life monitor, but before making any decisions or getting your oil replaced or changed, make sure to do a manual check to be doubly sure.

Can I get an oil life monitor externally installed?

No, oil life monitors are pre-installed by the car manufacturers, and you can’t get them installed externally.


Oil Life monitor is a valuable component of your car and gives you an idea about when you should go for an oil change here. The oil that we are talking about is engine oil. Above, we have mentioned the necessary things you need to know about oil life monitors, I hope you like them!

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