While Fram is the pioneer in oil filters, there have been a lot of competitors in the market including Motorcraft.

But do Motorcraft Oil Filters meet the level of Fram Oil Filter or are they almost the same or which one overrides the other? Let’s find out!

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Motorcraft Vs. Fram Oil Filter

Choosing the best oil filter that suits your vehicle’s engine is important. Motorcraft and Fram are known to give tough competition to each other when deciding upon which is the best oil filter. 

ParametersMotorcraft Oil FilterFram Oil Filter
End CapSteel or Metal Mesh Back or End CapCardboard back or end cap
Who Manufactures the oil filter?Purolator Filters LLCFirst Brands Group, LLC
PricingLess Costly as compared to Fram Oil FiltersFram Oil Filters are a bit more expensive as compared to Motorcraft Oil Filters
Micron Rating20 Micron or larger10-12 micron

Micron Rating

This refers to the particle size of the contaminants that a particular filter can trap. At the same time, the oil flows through the oil filter. Motorcraft oil filters are known to have 20 microns or larger micron ratings, meaning they can trap particles of sizes 20 microns and more.

On the other hand, Fram oil filters capture particles of 10-12 microns. The exception is Fram Extra Guard Oil Filter which can trap around 20-micron particles.

Suitability With Synthetic Oils

Synthetic oils are the most suitable oils for most vehicle engines. Motorcraft oil filters are suitable with any kind of oil and give the best results when used with synthetic oils. 

Fram Oil Filters are safe to use with synthetic oils, but they don’t provide higher results than Motorcraft Oil Filters. 


If you ever visit a Walmart store and keep both Motorcraft Oil Filter and Fram Oil Filter side by side, you won’t be able to figure out the difference in appearance between the both if there are no stickers or labels on the filters.

The only visible difference between the two is the end cap. Most Motorcraft oil filters are equipped with steel or metal mesh end caps whereas, on the other hand, Fram Oil Filters come with cheap cardboard type end caps.


Pricing is always a concern of the customer. People get attracted to the less-priced item and ignore the quality of the product. Fram Oil Filters cost more as compared to Motorcraft Oil Filters. 

Motorcraft oil filters are found to have a difference of $1-$2 if compared to equivalent Fram Oil Filters.

List Of Some Motorcraft Oil Filters

  • Motorcraft FL2017A 
  • Motorcraft FL326 
  • Motorcraft FL1995
  • Motorcraft FL2016
  • Motorcraft FL500S

List Of Some Fram Oil Filters

  • Fram Titanium Oil Filter
  • Fram Extra Guard Oil Filter
  • Fram Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter
  • Fram Racing Oil Filter


Fram is an older brand as compared to Motorcraft, but there is no doubt that Motorcraft is giving a tough competition to Fram in the case of oil filters. Motorcraft has introduced some powerful oil filters with low cost as compared to Fram Oil Filters. We would recommend you to make your decision after having a look at the difference between them and based on your preference.

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