Mini cooper is a small economy car that is widely known for its good speed, extreme drifting, and unique look. The cooper model is the most acknowledged model among many other models made by MINI. 

Everything needs to be taken care of, and even Mini Cooper is the most recognized model; it needs its oil to be changed. As you read ahead, you will know more about Mini Cooper oil change, its cost, frequency, and everything you need to know.

Importance to change the Mini Cooper engine oil regularly

When oil is heated regularly and repeatedly, it degrades and produces sludge which, when left untreated, slowly starts to restrict the oil passageways inside your mini cooper’s engine. 

As engine oil ages, it absorbs many pollutants and clogs oil filters. This prevents the engine oil from getting circulated and may lead to critical engine damage. As a result, your engine will now no longer function in ordinary conditions. 

When the engine gets very little oil, the moving parts of the engine wear, and friction creates heat. The higher the engine temperature, the higher the risk of engine failure.

As your engine’s oil gets older, it picks up many contaminations and causes the oil filter to clog.  With very few oils getting to the engine, the engine’s moving parts wear out and cause heat due to friction. The higher your engine’s temperature, the higher the risk for engine failure. 

It is extremely important to fully drain out the old engine oil and replace it with new as the tolerance of modern engines is minute, and oil pumps operating pressures are limited in order to improve fuel economy and performance.

Not only does changing oil will boost your mini cooper’s performance but flushing the engine can also help to remove deposits and sludge. If you want to know how often you should get an oil change, then keep reading ahead.

MINI Cooper Oil Change Frequency

Mini Cooper Oil Change

Now we know that if you’re driving a MINI Cooper, then you should get your oil changed regularly at a particular time to maintain and upgrade its performance and efficiency.

But do you know the frequency at which you are supposed to change the oil? It is recommended that you must have a MINI Cooper oil change in about every 4,000 to 6,000 miles.

A precise oil change frequency, if followed by the guidelines, will keep your MINI Cooper running with high performance for many years. There are also other factors to keep in mind when thinking about the frequency.

When we talk about the average frequency, let us take an example of an average American who travels about 12,000 miles per year in their Mini, then for the majority of cases, he should change the oil two to three times every year.

If you are an occasional driver who drives very often, you must have your engine oil changed at least once or twice per year. But make sure you don’t forget about it as oil breaks down over time, even if your vehicle is not in use.

Type of Oil that is Best for Your MINI Cooper

Type of Oil

Both mineral and synthetic engine oils are made from crude oil. Mineral oils are made by getting refined from crude oil, whereas synthetic lubricants are chemically altered, resulting in their molecular structure getting changed. 

Synthetic oils are considered a better option as compared to mineral oils for being used in MINI Cooper engines because they can be manufactured to have specific properties.

They can be manufactured to be more stable, and the oil’s molecular structure can be made more consistent, compared to the natural variations that are present in mineral oil. 

Conventional oil will leave substantially more harmful deposits within the turbo than synthetic as this type of oil has a significantly lower burn rate than conventional mineral oils. These deposits eventually cause wear that may lead to turbo replacement.

Your MINI Cooper needs synthetic SAE 0W-30 BMW Genuine Oil to operate efficiently, and if you use a different type of oil, it may impact negatively, and you will have to change your mini cooper’s engine oil more frequently.

MINI Cooper Oil Change Cost

When we talk about the cost of oil, Synthetic oils widely used in MINI Cooper get higher rates when it goes through different processes and additives. At the same time, a blend of mineral and synthetic oils offers a bargain between performance and cost. These are called semi-synthetic oils.

Now let us talk about the entire procedure cost for the MINI Cooper oil change. The average price of a MINI Cooper oil change is between $150 and $190, and the cost varies depending on many factors.

The labor cost is estimated to be between $75 and $96. In addition, the cost of parts is estimated between $75 and $100.

Why is MINI Cooper oil change expensive?

The Mini Cooper is one of the most famous subcompact cars and one of the most expensive. We have already seen how much it costs for a Mini Cooper oil change.  

Higher prices for services such as oil changes and repairing parts is because of its BMW-like engineering and engine as BMW owns mini. Its need for premium gasoline and expensive parts are other factors that make Mini Cooper more overall expensive.

How To Do MINI Cooper Oil Change Yourself 

Mini Coopers come with BMW-like engineering that could get super expensive while repairing and changing oil. Doing an oil change on a Mini Cooper on your own will save you money and is a relatively simpler option.

Here are the things you will need when you are planning to change the engine oil of a mini cooper by yourself, and you don’t have to spend time around to find them as they are easily available at your local auto parts store.

Equipment you will need:

  • An oil filter that comes with an o-ring
  • 4 quarts of oil
  • hex head socket of 8-millimetre 
  • Oil pan

Steps for MINI Cooper oil change:

  • Use a jack to raise your MINI Cooper 
  • Get underneath the vehicle and use a hex-head socket to unscrew the drain plug
  • After opening the drain plug, let it drain completely into the oil pan
  • For draining any remaining oil, unscrew the old oil filter 
  • Don’t forget to peel or remove the rubber gasket that comes along
  • Use new oil to coat the oil gasket 
  • Now, put a new oil filter inside and make sure to get it to tighten up
  • Use a funnel to add 4 quarts of oil and make sure there are no leaks
  • If you don’t want to waste the old oil, then just take it to your local recycling centre. 

If you follow all these steps properly, then you will become a pro at changing your MINI Cooper’s oil all by yourself on time. Not only it is cost-efficient, but it ensures your vehicle’s top performance, avoids any internal damage, and prolongs its life.


It is important to take care of your vehicle to keep it healthy and run smoothly for a long time. Your Mini Cooper needs a regular oil change as it is required to extend the life of the vehicle engine and avoid complex damage, and with the help of the above guidelines, you will surely be able to do it yourself.

I hope this article answered all the questions and doubts that you may have about the Mini Cooper oil change and provide you with useful and important information that you needed to know.

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