A wide range of motor oils is available in the market these days. Some are cheaper, while others are premium and follow industry quality standards. It becomes essential to use oils that have passed the industry quality standards tests to prevent your vehicle’s engine from being damaged.

Amsoil is one such well-known brand in the motor oil industry and is well known for its production of synthetic and signature oils. If you are using or want to try Amsoil oil and wondering whether Amsoil is dexos-approved, then you are at the right place.

Before determining if Amsoil dexos is approved, let’s first understand what dexos is and some related facts.

What Is Dexos?

Dexos is a type of industry standard for motor or engine oil of vehicles manufactured by General Motors Corporation.  In other words, dexos is an international standard by General Motors Corporation to certify that a particular oil can be used in GM vehicles if Dexos approve that oil.

According to General Motors, using substandard or low-grade oils in their vehicles can reduce the life of the engine and can also affect the performance of the engine. Also, using substandard oils can harm and damage the engine in the worst-case scenarios.

Now that you have an idea about what Dexos is, let’s see if Amsoil Dexos is approved.

Is Amsoil Dexos Approved?

Amsoil is known to be one of the best manufacturers of motor oils and especially synthetic motor oils.  Amsoil offers a wide range of motor oils of different viscosities for different engines, such as diesel engines, European engine oil, petrol engine oil, and gasoline engine oil.

Synthetic oils and synthetic blends are the most suitable for car models of General Motors. Amsoil has a wide range of synthetic oils that passed various quality tests and standards to make it compatible with car engines. But the question to bother here is whether Amsoil is Dexos Approved.

To answer this question, we would say NO. Amsoil is not Dexos Approved.

Let’s see why?

What Amsoil Claims vs. What’s there on General Motors Dexos Website

According to recent reports and news, Amsoil has claimed that its synthetic oils are compatible with Dexos. Rather, their motor oils meet and exceed the latest industry standards, including GM Dexos1 Gen 2.

The detailed information catalog about AMSOIL’s 100% Synthetic European oil also includes GM Dexos 2 as an element in the applicability section. According to Amsoil, their products have met the Dexos standards and rather exceeded the GM Dexos standards.

But, the brand list provided on the GM Dexos website regarding the licensed brands whose oil is approved according to Dexos standards does not include Amsoil anywhere. Neither the GM Approved Dexos 1 Gen 2 nor the GM Approved Dexos 2 includes AMSOIL’s name in the approved brand’s list as available on their official website.

FAQs on Is Amsoil Dexos Approved

Even though Amsoil produces a wide range of oils, out of which Signature and Synthetic Series top the list, none are Dexos-approved. The reason behind Amsoil oil not being approved by Dexos is that Amsoil focuses on enhancing the quality of the oil.

The amount of money it would pay to get its products approved by Dexos, Amsoil uses that amount to enhance the quality of its products further. As mentioned above, although not approved still, Amsoil oil meet and exceeds the Dexos ratings.

Many mechanics and Chevy dealers recommend Amsoil for engine oil even though Dexos does not approve it. The reason behind doing so is Amsoil produces superior quality oils that meet almost every industry standard. Like ILSAC, GF-6, and many more, Amsoil oil meet and exceeds Dexos standards.

Not only this, Amsoil oil comes with a warranty, so even if there is any damage caused to the engine after using Amsoil oil, the company would pay for the repairs.


As mentioned above, although Amsoil claims its products have met and even exceeded the recent industry standards, including Dexos 2 and Dexos 1 Gen 2, neither the company nor any of Amsoil’s products is listed in the list of Dexos Approved brands.

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