There are various impurities, including water, that may contaminate your engine oil. The water that has been mixed with the engine oil can be removed in several ways that you will come to know as you read ahead.

When the water gets out of the engine oil, it can be collected and recycled. But before that, you must know how to check if there is water in your engine oil.

How to check if there is water in your engine oil

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In case you are suspicious and want to check if there is water in your engine oil, you must first check your dipstick. Just pull it and look if the dipstick had air bubbles on it. 

If you find milky oil with a thick consistency or a brownish residue right above the oil level, then this indicates that the water is in your engine’s oil.

A very tiny amount of water may get burned off during a drive, but if the water content exceeds a certain level, it will cause some serious engine issues like loss of power, oil sludging, etc.

To avoid such problems, below are a couple of methods that tell you easy ways on how to get water out of engine oil.

Tips for how to get water out of engine oil

Drain out the water

Take the oil and water mixture in a container and let it rest for a while. Make sure the container is see-through, as you will be able to see the inner content properly.

As oil and water don’t mix and oil is lighter to water, water will naturally go to the bottom, and oil will form a layer above water. When both the liquids get settled and formed layers, make a hole at the bottom of the container.

As the water is at the bottom, it will start flowing through the whole and collect it in another container. Watch the oil as it gets closer to the hole. Drain the whole water out and once the oil reaches the hole, close it. 

Drain the remaining oil in another container. And here is how you get water out of the engine oil by draining out the water. This is the easiest method you can perform at your home.

Freeze The Water

This method is best applicable if you only have a few liters of oil to separate. For a  very large quantity of water, you might need a bigger freezer. Take the oil and water mixture in a pot and put it in the freezer overnight or until the water gets frozen. 

As you let it sit, just in a while, the water will settle down and freeze inside the freezer, but oil will not. Take the pot out of the freezer, and you can just quickly flip the container. 

If the frozen water is stuck at the bottom of the pot, then collect the oil in a container or big pan. Or you can just keep tilting the pot until you pour out the whole oil in another container. Take the oil for recycling.

Wrap up 

Water in your engine oil may affect the efficiency and working of your engine very badly. If you are stuck with the same problem, this article hopefully provides enough information and answers your question on how to get water out of engine oil.

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