The Nissan Rogue is a sports utility vehicle model, or you can also say it is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by an automobile manufacturing company Nissan Motors. 

The Nissan Rogue fits perfectly for being a family car with five seats and is great for the day-to-day work trip or a road trip between states with your kids, family, and friends. 

Now, here comes the actual question that you might be thinking about, how many miles can a Nissan Rogue last?

Keep reading, and below you will find the answer to this question. As you keep reading ahead, you will find more informative stuff about the mileage and efficiency that might help to answer any further questions that might strike your mind.

Answer: How Many Miles can a Nissan Rogue Last?

how many miles can a Nissan Rogue last

It is normally expected that the Nissan Rogue lasts up to 200,000 miles. This number could increase further and could even go a long way if you are able to keep proper maintenance and conscientious use.

To understand this better, let us take an example of an average American guy who drives 15,000 miles per year and regularly recommends maintenance. 

He will receive approximately 13 to 15 years of trouble-free performance from the Nissan Rogue if this is followed up. You now know how this works from this example, but this only works if you service your vehicle regularly and change the Nissan Rogue oil to the car in time.

How many miles can a Nissan Rogue go on a full tank of gas?

If you have thought of pumping your Nissan Rogue tank full and thinking how long it will last until you need to fill it up again, then don’t stress out as we have answers for it too.

When we talk about the average fuel economy of Nissan Rogue, it comes to approximately 3.7 gallons per 100 miles. Following this, it comes out that a full tank will last around 392 miles for you. 

Nissan Rogue’s fuel economy had remained very consistent across the board. Where a guzzler car takes around 10 gallons per 100 miles, the Nissan Rogue only takes 3.7, which proves its high fuel efficiency.

Not only does the use and maintenance give full assurance of your Nissan Rogue to last longer and perform with excellence, but the year of the model matters too. Some years are infamous for being problematic, but it’s quite a not-so-often case.

Tips For Better Mileage on Nissan Rogue

  • Quickstarts and hard braking can increase fuel consumption, so accelerate slowly and smoothly, and you will observe better miles per gallon.
  • A rapid increase in speed on highways can increase fuel consumption. You can improve, save and reduce fuel consumption by driving slowly, steadily, and decreasing the times you start and stop with frequent mashing of the gas pedal.
  • You must avoid idling your vehicle in both the summer and winter seasons as it can unnecessarily waste fuel and produce greenhouse gases harmful to the environment.
  • Choose the right fuel as high cost, premium, and high-octane fuels aren’t always necessarily the best choice for your car. Check the manual to see what your car actually requires.
  • Shut down all power-consuming accessories and devices in your car before turning it off as it adds a load to the engine and increases fuel consumption.
  • Using the best oil for your Nissan Rogue should be a practice you can’t avoid. This is one of the things that can increase the lifespan of your vehicle.

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