Engine oil is the most important fluid in your car. It is very important to check the level of your car’s engine oil timely so that you don’t run low on it. But what if you do? Can you use any other oil instead of engine oil? 

Many people wonder whether they can use vegetable oil for engine oil or not? Let’s look at the answer to this question in this article.

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Can You Use Vegetable Oil For Engine Oil?

Different oils have different purposes and compositions. It is very important to know if they have things in common? What will be the effect of substituting the original oil? If you are low on engine oil and wondering can you use vegetable oil as engine oil, or if you are just curious to know the answer, have a look below!

Practically speaking, no, you cannot use vegetable oil for engine oil, to know why it is very important to see the composition of both of them.  Let’s look at the differences between Vegetable Oil and Engine Oil based on different factors to have a better understanding of why you cannot use vegetable oil as engine oil. 

Difference between Vegetable Oil And Engine Oil

FactorsVegetable OilEngine Oil
CompositionThey are mainly composed of triacylglycerols, diacylglycerols, and monoacylglycerols along with fatty acids.Engine oil is a primarily petroleum-based hydrocarbon and contains around 78% of base oil.
Source of extractionIt is derived from plant sources like fruits, seeds, and vegetables.Derived from petroleum, crude oil, minerals, etc.
UsesPrimarily used for cooking, making soaps, skin products, perfumes, etc.The major uses include lubrication, protection from corrosion, cooling of parts, internal cleaning of engines.
ViscosityVery high viscosity.Comparatively less viscous than vegetable oil.

Now that we have had a look at the difference between both of them let’s see why you cannot use vegetable oil as engine oil.

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You Cannot Use Vegetable Oil For Engine Oil!

There are various reasons why you cannot use vegetable oil For engine oil. Let’s have a look at them below:

  1. The difference in composition: as we have mentioned above, the composition of both the oils is very different. While vegetable oils are made of fatty acids, triacylglycerols, and many more things, engine oil is mainly based on petroleum and has commercial chemicals.
  2. Viscosity: This is a major reason you should not use vegetable oil as engine oil. As mentioned above, vegetable oil has a very high viscosity, which is very thick compared to engine oil. For the oil to be suitable for the engine, it must not be very thick as it won’t flow easily and keep it lubricated and smooth.
  3. Water resistance and prevention from corrosion: Engine oil is not only used for lubrication but is also a good water resistor and prevents corrosion inside the chamber. Whereas vegetable oil does not have these properties.
  4. Molecular breakdown: As we know, there is a lot of heat produced in the engine. As a result, engine oil gets breakdown, but still it lubricates well, and the breakdown point of engine oil is much higher compared to vegetable oil. 

Final Words

Oils differ from each other based on various factors. As we have mentioned above, there are differences between engine oil and vegetable oil. Hence, you cannot use vegetable oil for engine oil. 

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