Today, there are varieties of oil available in the market, and each of them serves different purposes and is designed specially and particularly for that purpose. Cooking oils are very different from any other oil as they need to be edible and safe to consume. If you are wondering whether you can cook with motor oil or not, we have got you covered.

In this article, we will tell you whether you can cook with motor oil and if not then why! Let’s get started!

Can You Cook With Motor Oil?

Cooking food with motor oil would be the worst decision you will ever make, so if you’re having this thought in your mind, you should get it out as consuming food cooked with motor oil would be the most dangerous thing you will ever do.

Just like you can’t use cooking oil or vegetable oil instead of motor oil, you can cook with motor oil

What Makes Motor Oil Unfit For Cooking?

First of all, motor oil, as the name suggests, is only designed for the engine or motor of the car. Now, motor oil is a petroleum-based oil refined from petroleum and contains different kinds of chemicals and lubricants. 

Its main use in the car is to lubricate the parts. For this reason, motor oil or engine oil contains different types of harmful additives that are suitable for cars but not suitable for human consumption, making them unfit for cooking.

Why Should You Not Cook With Motor Oil?

  • Cooking oils are edible and safe for human consumption. Most of the cooking oils are plant-based such as rice bran, soybean, mustard oil, olive oil, etc. all of them are plant-based and are extracted directly or indirectly from plants and are then processed. But unlike motor oil, all of these are safe for consumption by living beings.
  • Although there are preservatives and chemicals present in the cooking oil, they are only added after going through various tests that make them fit for consumption by human beings.
  • Motor oil has lubricants present in it that help maintain the smooth run of the parts. These lubricants are purely inedible and unsafe for consumption by human beings, and can cause dangerous health issues. 
  • Motor oil has a higher viscosity than cooking oil because motor oil is also used to cool down the parts inside the engine, and being highly viscous, it is thicker than cooking oil. It won’t be digested by human being’s digestive system and will rather cause severe harm to the person if consumed.
  • Cooking oil is made of lipids and fatty acids that are safe for consumption. As mentioned above, motor oil is refined from petroleum, and petroleum itself is the most dangerous element present in motor oil for human consumption. There’s a whole other section of flammability of motor oil which needs to be considered dangerous while cooking.

What Will Happen If You Accidently Intake Food Cooked With Motor Oil?

  • If you accidentally ate food cooked with motor oil, the first thing you must do is to see a doctor as soon as possible to avoid any kind of side effects or harmful effects of intaking this toxic substance.
  • You might feel a vomiting sensation if you accidentally ate food cooked with motor oil, and if this reaches your lungs, it might become toxic, and you might start vomiting badly.
  • You might see a difference in your stool pattern. Intake of food cooked with motor oil might cause loose motions and diarrhea, and weakness in your body. 
  • Intake of food cooked with motor oil might also cause inflammation and burning sensation into your lungs as harmful chemicals are present in that oil, so it is always advised to look for the doctor as soon as possible.


Cooking food with motor oil is possible, but you should not try this in real life as intake of food cooked with motor oil is not at all safe for human beings, and in case you do so, accidentally look for the Doctor asap!

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