Different parts of your vehicle perform various functions, and most of them require oil for lubrication purposes. Now, both engine and transmission oil have separate components and separate oil. But they are nearly connected.

On the one hand, the engine is responsible for turning the car on and ensuring a smooth ride, while the transmission system is responsible for moving your vehicle. The transmission system sets your vehicle in motion. Now, if you are low on engine oil and wondering will it cause problems to the transmission system or not, we have got you covered.

Let’s have a look!

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Can Low Engine Oil Cause Transmission Problems?

Engine and transmission are separate entities, and they have different roles to play in your car. But both of them are closely related to each other, which is why people often get confused whenever they are on low engine oil and think whether this will cause any transmission problems.

The simple answer is NO, and it won’t. In any case, low engine oil won’t cause any transmission problems. Despite being closely related, engine oil and transmission systems are not dependent on each other for oil.

What Does Engine Oil Do For Car?

Engine oil is only used for the engine and just focuses on working the parts inside the engine. It helps to cool down the components inside the engine, such as pistons, valves, bearings that are continuously in motion when the car is on and need to be cooled down to avoid any breakdown due to high heat.

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The next thing is engine oil ensures there is enough lubrication to all the parts inside the engine to smooth movement and functioning of the parts. Now you might wonder that the transmission system also needs this, then why won’t low engine oil cause transmission problems? Let’s see!

Why Won’t Low Engine Oil Cause Transmission Problems?

Engine oil, as mentioned above, is specifically designed for the engine and parts present inside the engine. The transmission or gear system in our car also needs oil for lubrication or parts, but engine oil is not connected to this in any way.

The transmission system in our car has its separate transmission oil, and it is responsible for all the functions related to transmission. The transmission oil ensures no frequent wear or tears inside the gearbox in case of manual transmission or the transmission system in case of ATS(Automatic Transmission System). 

As we are aware, the transmission system works recklessly to ensure a smooth run so that there are no tremors faced by passengers sitting in the car. A low level of engine oil will cause problems to the engine instead of a transmission.

Transmission oil lubricates the parts inside the transmission and is responsible for the gear’s smooth shift, be it manual or automatic. 

Engine oil is not connected to transmission parts. As a whole, engine and transmission systems are related but not both oils. So the low level of either of them won’t cause any such problem to the other.

What Problems Will Be Caused Due To Low Engine Oil?

  • A low level of engine oil will heat the car and excessively increase the car’s temperature.
  • It will also cause weird sounds that will start coming out due to a lack of lubrication to the parts.
  • Low engine oil might cause a breakdown or failure of the engine leading to high risk.
  • Due to low engine oil, the engine can seize, and as a result, the car might also get fire or heavy smoke because of excessive heat.
  • Piston rings and valves might get broken or worn due to low engine oil.
  • Lower engine oil levels will cause disruptions in your drive and can cause your car to turn off after frequent intervals.

Remember to check your engine oil level and change it timely. Don’t mix engine oil with vegetable oil or with gear oil unless it’s absolutely urgent.


From the above, it is very clear that low engine oil won’t cause any transmission problem as the engine oil has nothing to do with the transmission system. Still, low engine oil can cause problems in the engine, and in the same manner, low transmission oil can only cause problems inside the transmission system.

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