When buying engine oils, most people tend to stick to the 5w-40 viscosity variant, and it provides just the right amount of friction to flow ratio. But choosing the right variant is tough as there are many factors to consider. Hence here are our picks for the best 5w-40 engine oil.

Top Pick
Motul Synthetic Engine Oil
Motul Synthetic Engine Oil
  • One of the most popular and trusted synthetic oils
  • Preassembled Wiring
  • Better aerodynamic performance
Best Compatibility
RAVENOL Synthetic Motor Oil
RAVENOL Synthetic Motor Oil
  • USVO CleanSynto technology
  • Compatible with Top Car Brands
  • Licensed API SN and Meets API CF, ACEA A3/B4
Best Budget Oil
MAG1 Synthetic Engine Oil
MAG1 Synthetic Engine Oil
  • Increases Overall Milage 
  • Clean Fuel Burn
  • Overall Value for Money

5 Best Engine Oil For 5w-40

Motul Synthetic Engine Oil

Motul Synthetic Engine Oil
  • Liquid volume – 169.07 Ounces
  • Designed for cars ( Gas and Diesel variants)
  • Best for overall

  • Provides good reduction in oil consumption
  • A good choice for racer cars as this provides good engine care
  • Available for all variants of Diesel and Gasoline cars
  • Generation 2 model not suitable 

The Motul synthetic oil is specifically designed for powerful and recent cars fitted with high displacement engines, gasoline direct injection and turbo Diesel, and catalytic converters. 

This oil is also approved by numerous carmakers that make this product a multipurpose oil and is especially recommended when the car is underperforming due to some reason.

It is suitable for leaded as well as unleaded gasoline, diesel fuels, and LPG’s. The oil provides standard two main properties to the lubricant, such as high HTHS and very low volatility, which drastically decreases oil consumption. 

After using this oil, my engine seemed to be happy with it, and I also immediately noticed much less oil consumption. It advertises reduced oil consumption, and that’s exactly what I got and am greatly satisfied with. 

One small worry about this oil is that the generation 2 variant of this product is not up to speed with the latest cars, and I would recommend you stick to the generation 1 variant.

MAG1 Synthetic Engine Oil

MAG1 Synthetic Engine Oil
  • Liquid Volume – 32 fluid ounces
  • Designed for cars
  • Best for reduced emission control

  • Provides one of the best clean fuel burns 
  • The fuel is known for increasing mileage
  • Expensive, and top membrane is made of gel-type material, which may block intake.

Before buying this oil, you need to know that this oil is fully synthetic oil, which means crude oil is not used in making it.

Synthetic oil can be used in vehicle engines instead of motor oils refined from crude oil and often provides superior mechanical performance over traditional motor oil, including increased gas mileage and reduced engine wear at extreme temperatures.

Although its complex production method also means that this type of oil is much more expensive than the traditional crude engine oils.

Another thing you need to worry about is that when you remove the cap, there is a clear gel-like membrane meant to act as a seal. 

The problem is this membrane turns to goo/slime over time. When you use the oil, there is a high risk of pouring this goo into the engine, which could clog the oil intake. 

It’s clear, so when it falls in the oil, you can’t see it. When you find it in place, it’s difficult to be sure you have removed it all. That’s why I would recommend double-checking before pouring this into your oil intake.

RAVENOL Synthetic Motor Oil 

RAVENOL Synthetic Motor Oil 
  • Liquid volume – 5000 mililiters
  • Designed for cars
  • Best for diverse compatibility

  • The oil provides fuel-saving because of its easy running characteristics.
  • Has long-endurance because of high oxidation stability
  • Slightly expensive

This is a fully synthetic low friction motor oil with special d proven Clean technology for passenger car petrol and diesel engines with and without turbo-charging and direct injection.

The oil avoids the disadvantages of polymeric viscosity improvers while taking advantage of them. This improves engine protection, performance, engine cleanliness, and oil drain intervals. 

The unique technology makes it possible that the product has no shear losses during the entire change interval and is extremely stable to oxidation. This unique technology helps the oil-lubricated faster, minimizing friction while keeping the engine clean and efficient.

This oil is also suitable for the energy-saving operation of all modern cars with petrol and diesel engines and was specially developed for turbochargers and catalytic operation.

Although this is a pretty impression oil variant, it is also pretty expensive, but I would argue that it is definitely worth its price. 

Valvoline Motor Oil

Valvoline Motor Oil
  • Liquid volume – 5 quartz
  • Designed for cars and motorbikes
  • Best for engine cleanliness 

  • Reduces carbon emissions of the engine
  • Help keep the gears and piston clean
  • The fuel is pretty heavy and does not suit every engine.

This engine oil comes with a fully synthetic formula for exceptional low and high temperatures tolerances, along with excellent temperature control. 

I would recommend this if you own a modern diesel with a DPF (especially a Euro diesel), then this is one of your only choices for summertime running. Most of the oils out there are 5W-40 and are just too thin for hot weather.

This stuff is fully synthetic, won’t clog your DPF, and is heavier than all the other watery oils available in the market.

 Many problems with carbon build-up and EGR cooler clogging are associated with using the wrong “spec” oil. You can go through all the myriad of choices available at some auto parts stores and not find a single one meeting the MB 229.51 spec these vehicles require.

Note, many Valvoline SynPower products also do not meet this spec. This one does, and aside from showing the proper spec on the container, it is labeled “MST.” MST stands for Mid SAPs Technology.

SAPs are sulfated ash, phosphorus, sulfur. It has a low ash content, which is what reduces the deposits mentioned earlier.

All in all, this is a great choice, especially for keeping your engine’s carbon emissions low and keeping all the gears in top shape.

Liqui Moly Motor Oil

Liqui Moly Motor Oil
  • Liquid volume – 169.05 Fluid Ounces
  • Designed for all motor vehicles
  • Best for higher engine requirements

  • Lowers risk of preignition and high EGT
  • Provides good fuel consumption rates
  • A little pricy but worth it

This brand ensures that the motor oil is of low viscosity with high shear stability and reliably prevents the formation of deposits in the engine and oil sumps.

It also provides excellent protection against pre-ignition by lowering the temperature of the fuel seeped into the piston.

All this also results in better fuel savings and consumption while also ensuring longer life of the engine and the gears.

This oil not only has improved the responsiveness and fluidity of my engine, but I haven’t had to add any oil like I used to. It has barely burned anything off at all after 3k miles.

If you want to treat your engine the way it deserves and keep it running smoother and longer than your own body, this is worth the couple extra bucks and will not disappoint. 

If you are ready to spend a few good bucks, this is the perfect oil.

Factors to consider before buying 5w-40 engine oil

Anti-knocking properties

Any kind of fuel that prevents detonation is said to have anti-knocking properties. When detonation occurs, serious internal damage may happen, including melted spark plug electrodes, cracked piston rings, melted or cracked pistons, hammered rod bearings, and blown head gaskets.

That’s why it is imperative to have fuel that provides good detonation prevention technology, amongst our products, Liqui Moly Motor Oil

provides the best anti-knocking properties.

Cleanliness of oil

With the advancements in technology and provision of higher grade engines, there is always a risk of contaminating your fuel with low-grade oil.

This results in deposits being formed in and around the engine sump, which reduces the engine’s overall performance.

Prevention of this is very important, and amongst our products, Valvoline Motor Oil provides the best cleanliness.

Effect on oil consumption

For obvious reasons, you need to select a fuel that provides the lowest oil consumption. This reduces the overall expenses of the car and ensures that you do not need to change your fuel repeatedly.

Amongst our products, Motul Synthetic Engine Oil has the best oil consumption rates.

Our Pick For The Best 5w-40 Engine Oil

Motul Synthetic Engine Oil is the best choice, and it provides excellent anti-knocking properties, helps keep your engine in top shape, and ensures you have a cleaner oil burn. This oil is also perfect for any kind of diesel or gasoline vehicle, making it the perfect 5w-40 engine oil choice.

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