The synthetic 10W-40 flows easily and still maintains enough viscosity to protect piston skirts and bearings when it gets hot. The improved temperature stability of synthetics makes them a better choice for race engines and serious high-performance engines.

But choosing the right 10w-40 oil can be quite tough; hence here are our picks for the best 10w-40 variants available in the market right now.

Top Pick
Castrol Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
Castrol Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
  • Superior dispersancy that fights sludge build-up.
  • Exceptional oil burn-off protection exceeding industry standards.
  • Seal conditioners to help reduce leaks
Best Compatibility
Valvoline Synthetic Blend 
Valvoline Synthetic Blend 
  • Comes With Advanced protection for today’s hardworking cars, trucks and SUVs
  • Full synthetic formula provides up to 10X better protection against heat
  • Superior antioxidants resist motor oil breakdown in extreme conditions
Best Budget Oil
Red Line 10W40 Motor Oil 
Red Line 10W40 Motor Oil 
  • Full-synthetic ester formula for passenger cars, light trucks, performance vehicles 
  • Excellent wear protection and friction reduction across a wide range of operating conditions
  • Improved fuel economy and ring seal for more power

5 Best Engine Oil For 10w-40

Castrol Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Castrol Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
  • Vehicle type – Car, bike, trucks
  • Liquid volume – 5 Quartz
  • Best for overall

  • Protects against sludge, wear and burn off
  • Reduces phosphorus to protect your emission system
  • More frequent oil changes

As vehicles age, they change, and some of these changes can result in costly repairs or replacements. Catalytic converter failure is one of the most common and expensive problems faced by higher mileage vehicles. 

The phosphorus in all motor oil anti-wear packages is also an industry-recognized catalyst poison. 

Castrol oil is specially formulated with less phosphorus than other leading oils, replacing it with advanced technology invented and patented by Castrol. It helps prevent catalytic converter and emission system failure and delivers unsurpassed protection against sludge, wear, and oil burn-off.

The sludge protection is unmatched even in extreme conditions. If you have doubts, try it, and after dropping your oil many miles later, you’ll be a believer too, and no other oil will make you happier.

Along with all these great features, this oil is also highly affordable and comes at great prices. I would highly recommend this for all your oil purposes as it is one of the best available products in the market right now.

You can get this oil in 3 variants ranging from 5w-20 to 10w-40.

Valvoline Synthetic Blend 

Valvoline Synthetic Blend 
  • Vehicle type – Car
  • Liquid volume – 15 quartz
  • Best for aging engines

  • Provides excellent engine protection
  • The oil that is specifically good to fight against low performing engines
  • More frequent oil changes will be required

If your car, like mine, has over 75,000 miles, it’s time for you to set up the fight against engine wear with one of the world’s first high mileage motor oil.

Valvoline Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is specially formulated to attack the causes of high mileage engine breakdown: wear, deposits, sludge, and leaks – making this a great choice for the cars that have been in use for some time now. 

This oil is developed with proprietary MaxLife Technology to maximize the life of engines over 75,000 miles. This premium, synthetic-blend formulation is designed to provide a thick and durable anti-wear film and protect against sludge and deposits, rejuvenate aging engine seals and resist motor oil breakdown in extreme conditions.

Regardless of what oil you use, if you don’t change the oil and filter in recommended intervals or even less, your car engine will still not last as long as it potentially can, and to ensure your engine lasts long, you need to treat it well.

This oil will do just that by taking care of all the problems that may decrease your engine life. 

The only issue you could face with this product is that the oil tends to run out quickly, and you’ll need more frequent oil changes. 

Red Line 10W40 Motor Oil 

Red Line 10W40 Motor Oil 
  • Vehicle service type – Car, Truck, Bikes
  • Liquid Volume – 128 Fluid Ounces
  • Best for versatility 

  • Provides a wide variety that can be used for any vehicle
  • Provides excellent engine gear protection, especially at high speeds
  • Good durability of the liquid
  • Slightly more expensive than the rest of the products

This is a fully synthetic ester formula made for passenger cars, light trucks, performance vehicles, and marine applications. It provides excellent wear protection and friction reduction across a wide range of operating conditions.

Its high detergency allows for extended drain intervals and provides increased cleanliness to both the engine and the oil sump.

This also provides us with improved fuel economy and a ring seal for more power. The superior high-temperature stability and oxidation resistance increase lubrication of hot metal compared to other synthetics.

 A high natural viscosity index provides thicker oil film in bearings and cams. Less evaporation than other synthetics for improved efficiency and ring seal. 

I use this oil in my motorcycles and cars. It’s expensive, but there’s enough science and evidence behind the benefits of a true Ester synthetic that makes it worth it to me. 

I’ve witnessed people who have 300,000 miles on engines running only Red Line oil, and their valves have stayed within tolerances, which is an amazing feat, further proving how amazing this product is.

Formula Shell Motor Oil

Formula Shell Motor Oil
  • Vehicle type – Car, trucks
  • Liquid ounces – 160 Fluid Ounces
  • Best for engines running at high temperature

  • Provides good engine cleanliness 
  • Relatively cheap fuel
  • Not the best engine performance with Most vehicles.

Formula Shell is formulated to improve fuel economy and provide engine protection and performance required by modern engines.

Formula Shell is compatible with other conventional and synthetic oils. It exceeds all automobile and light truck warranty requirements for gasoline and turbocharged engines where an API SN oil is recommended.

The innovative additive technology guarantees one of the best wear protection and engine cleanliness, lowest oil and fuel consumption, and highest engine efficiency. 

This oil is ideally suited for engines with direct injection (GDI) and turbochargers. It is recommended to use this with extended oil change intervals as per manufacturer guidelines.

For all of you who tend to push your car engines to their limits, you must have noticed how the average oil cannot handle the hot temperatures inside the engine during such times.

This is often a huge problem that makes you have to change your oil frequently, but with the formula shell oil, you can rest assured that your engine will be taken care of at even the high temperatures.

Havoline 10W-40 Motor Oil

Havoline 10W-40 Motor Oil
  • Vehicle type – Car, bikes
  • Liquid ounces – 1.25 Gallons
  • Best for all-purpose use

  • Protection against thermal breakdown.
  • Clean engines and clean, positive crankcase ventilation
  • It can be a little expensive to buy

The 10w-40 grade of the Havoline Motor Oils with Deposit Shield Technology are formulated with high-quality base stocks and contain detergent, dispersant, wear control, antioxidant, corrosion inhibitor, and foam suppressant additives. Multigrade includes a shear stable viscosity index improver.

Their anti-wear additives provide excellent wear protection of critical engine parts.

A high level of dispersancy in Havoline Motor Oils with Deposit Shield Technology protects against deposit and sludge formation in stop-and-go driving and sustained high-temperature operation and protects against corrosion.

Their excellent high-temperature oxidation stability helps prevent viscosity increase and oil gelling in the crankcase. They help keep PCV systems clean to maintain smooth engine performance.

These are suitable for four-stroke gasoline engines used in passenger cars, light trucks, powerboats, motorcycles, and other mobile and stationary equipment. They are excellent for high-revving engines in small cars and light trucks. 

Havoline Motor Oils with Deposit Shield Technology are suitable for use in both new and high-mileage cars and turbocharged as well as normally aspirated engines. They may also be suitable for natural gas engines in small cars and light trucks after consulting with the appropriate original equipment manufacturer’s lubrication recommendations.

Factors to consider before buying 10w-40 oil

Driving environment

Whether you live in a hot or cold climate or typically use paved or unpaved roads, you should think about the conditions you normally face when driving. 

Different conditions can put a strain on your vehicle in different ways, such as requiring frequent changes of your engine oil. The conditions you live and drive are important to consider when deciding what type of motor oil is right for you.

Amongst our products, Havoline 10W-40 Motor Oil is best for varying climates.

Oil standards

If you take a closer look at the label, you will also find engine oil standards indicated by different acronyms such as API, ACEA, ILSAC. This means that the product meets or exceeds the requirements set by these organizations. Specifications are important as they indicate the performance and quality of the oil.

API (American Petroleum Institute) and ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) are the most popular standards.

Amongst our products, Formula Shell Motor Oil is best rated.

Anti-knocking properties

Any kind of fuel that prevents detonation is said to have anti-knocking properties. When detonation occurs, serious internal damage may happen, including melted spark plug electrodes, cracked piston rings, melted or cracked pistons, hammered rod bearings, and blown head gaskets.

That’s why it is imperative to have fuel that provides good detonation prevention technology. Amongst our products, Castrol Synthetic Blend Motor Oil provides the best anti-knocking properties.

Our Pick For The Best 10w-40 Oil

The obvious choice is Castrol Synthetic Blend Motor Oil. It is a highly rated, affordable oil that provides excellent engine protection and ensures your fuel gives you maximum efficiency. If you’re looking for new 10w-40 oil for your car, this is the product to go for.

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