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My name is Bryan Hudson and I have been an Automotive Engineer for the past 8 years. I came across a lot of stuff in this world regarding cars and I have handled some of the various and most branded cars in the world. I am very well aware about the types of cars present in the community and how to deal with each and every issues there is in the automotive industry.


But, what I do know is I can write quality content on All About Fluids which will help you make wise decisions on how you can choose the right products for your vehicles.

Apart from these buying guides and accessories, I will also try to cover and reveal some hidden facts about maintaining your vehicles and keeping them healthy for a long period. Machines can wear down any time which is why you should be well aware about how you can keep them as fresh as possible.

I wanted to pursue this career because I fell in love with vehicles since I was a 5 year old. I wanted to fix all the vehicles around me because first of all, I loved doing it. All the parts and accessories were fascinating to a 5 year old me.

AAF is a dedicated blog created by me which is targeted to influence thousands of individuals and help them make the right choices for their vehicles. If you think any information is not correct, you can contact me and let me know through the contact us page. All feedbacks and collaborations will be highly appreciated.

Meet the Team

Lucius Agapetos

luciusLucious is the most experienced guy on the team. Honestly, it’s just been a pleasure working with him. His perspective towards cars and the industry is just hands down the best I’ve seen in the market. I don’t usually like to work with anyone I meet but Lucius’s experience with cars and trucks has proven to be a big win for the website you see here. He used to Work at Mike’s Auto in Manhattan and did quite some time there. 

Now, he owns his own chain of auto repair shops in New York. 

Combining both the business and repair parts of his life, he shares in-depth guides on fluids for cars, trucks, and what not. His content is loved by the audience here at All About Fluids and we’re all about the readers aren’t we? You can always ping him anytime we can’t guarantee he’ll be active on social media so just use the e-mail for any queries.

Marc Kennedy

A Young Apprentice in the automobile industry. He’s been working for Santa Ana Auto Care based out of Houston, Texas. He lives with his Mom and Dad, and I’ve had a chance of meeting this fellow a couple of times in the past few years.

His dedication and passion for cars and vehicles is just extraordinary. He puts in a lot of effort and care when he touches any car and its parts. I’ve seen him fix a tire and it was just amazing with the way he does things. 

He is an aspiring entrepreneur and he wants to build his own car business in the future. He learns a lot from Lucius and spends some of his time on this blog to answer all the queries related to the different fluids of your vehicles. You can always connect with him in case you don’t get a reply from me or Lucius and he’ll be happy to help you with that.